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Victoria’s environment and our state’s threatened plants, animals and their habitats are in devastating decline.  

Instead of stopping or improving bad projects, Victoria’s current laws to assess the environmental impacts of new projects and develop (the Environmental Effects Act) is a rubber stamp for environmental destruction.

Whether these laws even apply is the complete discretion of the government. Many projects bypass assessment altogether. 

Victoria’s weak and inadequate environmental assessment laws deny communities a voice, fail to prevent bad projects, can’t issue binding conditions for improvement and can’t enforce penalties for breaching conditions. 

Despite an Auditor-General report and a parliamentary inquiry recommending strengthening the Act has remained largely unchanged for decades. 

The Greens are fighting to strengthen the planning laws that should protect our communities and our environment. Our plan would:

  • Strengthen Victoria’s Environmental Effects Act
  • Give the EPA powers to stop bad projects 
  • Ensure that conditions placed on projects are binding, with significant penalties for breaches

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