BushCare jobs blitz

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Victoria needs a Green New Deal for the Environment

Restoring our bushfire-damaged ecosystems and creating jobs.

We could create 11,000 jobs with a BushCare Blitz of weeding, fencing, invasive species management and restoring Victoria’s environment damaged in the summer’s bushfires, and by planting ten million trees right across Victoria.

This program could create vital city-based and regional and rural jobs, supporting both our communities hit by the fires and those city communities impacted by COVID-19 job losses.

Our plan for a BushCare Jobs Blitz would restore Victoria by:

🌱 Managing weeds and invasive species across bushfire-affected public land in Victoria, employing thousands of young people temporarily, and creating new permanent positions in the public service.

🌱 Planting 500,000 trees a year over the next ten years in streets, parks and along creek-beds across greater Melbourne. The program would fund the existing ‘Resilient Melbourne’ plan which has a target of 40 per cent canopy cover for Greater Melbourne.

🌱 Planting 500,000 trees a year over the next ten years on private and state-Government-owned land, especially in bushfire-damaged areas, to create jobs for young people and restore our damaged environment.

🌱 A huge program of fencing rivers to keep out stock and keep waterways healthy. This successful program is about to run out of Victorian Government funding, risking jobs and the environment.

🌱 More government funding for research into conservation science, helping to keep jobs in our struggling universities.

We can create a future for people and planet, with a Green New deal plan that invests in our natural environment, while creating thousands of jobs.