Holding the Major Parties to Account

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Join the campaign to restore integrity to Victorian parliament.

Are you sick of Victoria’s endless political scandals?

Dirty deals with property developers, factional infighting, bullying and branch stacking, public money rorted for party politics, lobsters with mobsters – the list goes on. 

Politicians should work for all of us, not just big donors and party power-brokers.

Your vote is powerful. We no longer have to sit by and accept dodgy politicians and the same old poor standards: together we can restore integrity to Victorian politics.

The Greens want stronger integrity, transparency and anti-corruption standards.

We've already started by introducing a bill to parliament that will bring Victoria's integrity standards up to scratch. We're calling on the government to support and pass our bill.

Read about the Greens integrity bill here.

Beyond our bill, we've got a broad, bold plan to restore integrity to Victoria's parliament and hold the government to account. 

Under the Greens' plan we’ll:

  • Give Victoria's anti-corruption agency IBAC more teeth and more funding. 
  • Create an independent Parliamentary Integrity Commissioner to oversee MP behaviour.
  • Implement campaign spending caps and truth in political advertising laws, and end dodgy preference deals.
  • Publish ministerial diaries, so we all know who powerful politicians are meeting with.
  • Establish real rules and penalties for MPs, Ministers and lobbyists who do the wrong thing.

A report from Victoria’s corruption watchdog has detailed decades of extensive misconduct by Victorian Labor MPs, describing behaviour within the party as "egregious”: branch stacking, bullying, rorting of public money – the list goes on.

In 2022 the influence of lobbyists once again trumped the social good, as Victorian Labor – cowed by strident property industry opposition – backed down on a plan to make developers pay for more affordable housing.

And who could forget all the ‘lobster with a mobster’ headlines following Matthew Guy’s infamous seafood dinner with alleged Mafia figure Tony Madafferi?

The rot of toxic culture in Victoria’s major parties has well and truly set in. Nepotism is rife, public money is routinely misused, and too often big donors, corporate lobbyists and party power-brokers have more of a say than the rest of us. 

It’s time to hold the government to account, and restore integrity to our parliament. 

And the Greens have a broad, bold plan to do it.