Horse Racing


Victoria needs to protect horses

Since shocking footage revealed thousands of racehorses are being slaughtered every year in Australia, the racing industry has gone to ground and avoided responsibility.

We cannot allow cruelty and suffering to go on. Over 10,000 racehorses are killed each year in abattoirs and slaughterhouses around Australia, simply because they didn't earn enough. 

That's why the Victorian Greens are calling for:

A ban on jumps racing

Jumps racing events force horses to jump over steeples or hurdles over long distances at speed. Jumps racing is 20 times more dangerous than flat racing, and the injuries sustained on jumps racing tracks can be horrific. At least 165 horses have died in jumps racing in the last 20 years. 

Every other state in Australia has acknowledged the cruelty of jumps racing and banned it - except Victoria. It's time for Victoria to join the rest of the country and ban jumps racing for good.

End whipping in horse racing

Whipping is a cruel and completely unnecessary part of horse racing. It causes significant pain to horses, but there is no evidence that whips are needed for safety or to control the horse. 

A Senate committee recommended banning whipping in horse racing 30 years ago, saying that it could not condone the use of the whip to inflict pain on a horse. In 2022, banning the use of the whip in Victoria is long overdue.

No public funding for racing

The Greens do not believe that the racing industry, which makes millions in profits from animal cruelty and gambling, should receive any public funding. But the Victorian Government regularly provides public money to support the racing industry, through the Victorian Racing Industry Payment and the Victorian Racing Industry Fund. We'll defund racing by cancelling Victorian Government financial support for the horse racing industry.

We stand with the majority of Victorians who want to see an end to cruelty and suffering for animals.

Animals may not be able to speak, but we can be their voice. Add your name.