Protect wages for essential workers


We should thank essential workers with better wages and tax the big banks instead.

Healthcare workers, teachers, paramedics and essential public sector workers are supporting us through the pandemic, and yet the Labor Government is keeping their wages low to make budget savings. 

This doesn't get the balance right. Big banks and property developers should pay for Victoria’s economic recovery, not teachers and healthcare workers.

Unfortunately, the Victorian Treasurer is following the Morrison Government in keeping wages low. The Victorian government will limit public sector wage increases to 1.5%, yet inflation is forecast to rise to 2% in a couple of years. This equals a cut to future wages.

This decision impacts people who have been going above and beyond during the pandemic to keep us safe. Instead the Government could raise revenue through adopting the Greens' idea of a tax on the super profits of the big banks. 

Low wage growth hurts everyone. Economists say that if Governments keep wages low for nurses, teachers and public sector workers, then it will depress wages for everyone else.

Essential workers are helping us through COVID-19. We should be thanking them with higher wages and secure work. 

Tell the Labor government: reverse this decision and tax the big banks instead.