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Make unlimited rent increases illegal. 

Everyone needs a home to live in but right now politics works for property investors, not renters. Renters are being forced to compete for substandard homes no one can afford. And more and more people are struggling to pay rent.

Renters have been crashing rental inspections, doorknocking and sharing their stories. And because of Greens in Parliament we've secured a parliamentary inquiry into the rental crisis. We’ve built a petition of over 5,000 signatures but we need to go bigger. 

Labor can introduce rent controls and we will keep fighting until they do.

We're not giving up and we're not going away. A third of Victorians are renters, and together we are powerful. 

The Greens have a plan to make homes affordable and available. The Government can make renting affordable with a two year rent freeze, and by capping increases thereafter.

We can push the Government to:

  • Introduce a two year rent freeze 
  • Make unlimited rent rises illegal
  • Properly regulate Airbnbs
  • Tax vacant properties

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