Dale Martin | Australian Greens

Dale Martin

Councillor for Moreland, North-West Ward

I'm a local, passionate about our progressive and culturally diverse community. I care about promoting sustainable development and new clean energy initiatives to keep Moreland liveable.

Dale Martin is a local and enthusiastic advocate for sustainability and liveable cities. As the Greens councillor for Moreland in North-West Ward, he wants to create better opportunities for his community, and ensure a clean and healthy environment for years to come.

Dale will stand out as a strong voice of integrity when it comes to sustainability and development. He is committed to working alongside the community to give a voice to people, and to counter the power of corporations and developers that continue to dominate local government.

Having lived in Sweden while studying a Masters in Energy Systems, Dale has first-hand experience in world class environmental and sustainability standards. He knows that with real investment in clean energy, we can create a safe climate for the future and build a prosperous, strong economy of the 21st century. 

Dale has a degree in Economics and Finance, and invaluable expertise in forecasting and regulation through his work in the energy sector. In his spare time, he lives out his passion for sustainability as the founder of the Plastic Bag Free Moreland group. 

Dale believes that Moreland can be a leader in Victoria and become the benchmark for sustainability across the state.