This October, vote for a Greens Councillor and Mayor who will work for our local community, put people ahead of profits, and take real action to tackle climate change.

Our Vision

When we emerge from COVID-19, we must set a path towards a better future than the world we knew before. Conventional notions of what’s possible have been shaken up. We need to come together, knowing that this is a moment we can change society for the better.

Melbourne is the most multicultural and progressive city in Australia. We should lead Australia and the world in sustainability and liveability. Local government is key to planning for a more liveable, affordable, environmentally sustainable and peaceful future.

We can end homelessness
, just as other cities around the world have done. We can improve access to green, open space with more trees and parks. We can solve our waste and recycling crisis and have safe, clean transport that meets everyone’s needs and, yes, we can reset fairer council rates that lay a foundation for economic rejuvenation.

We have a
comprehensive policy platform for Melbourne City Council, so you know where we stand and can hold us to it.

As Greens, we never take donations from property developers, fossil fuel companies or the gambling industry. Plus we all live in the City of Melbourne. We ask for your vote so we can represent you and fight for you; for genuine public-interest outcomes on Council.

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