Development Double Standards


The Victorian Greens have criticised the state opposition for moving to protect blue ribbon suburbs while opening up land for “fast-tracked” development in outer Melbourne.

Last month Matthew Guy was quoted as saying “Melbourne is not one great big construction site,” when launching a policy to limit development in the city’s established suburbs.

Reports today state the former planning minister also wants to release more land in the outer suburbs for fast tracked development. The Greens are concerned this is code for more housing developments in areas with little if any public transport, schools, medical centres or community facilities.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens spokesperson for planning, Samantha Ratnam

“Matthew Guy’s plan will split Melbourne in two. At the same time he claims to be protecting the inner suburbs, he wants to green light urban sprawl in the outer city, threatening more of our green wedges and food production areas."

“You need more than a housing development for a good quality of life. This level of fast tracked development has to be supported with schools and public transport."       

"We need to build communities but the Liberals would rather let big developers profit from poorly planned suburbs and loose planning rules.

"If the Liberals were serious about addressing housing affordability, they would have the courage to address negative gearing, capital gains tax concessions and agree to inclusionary zoning that allows for affordable housing in all new apartment complexes instead of policies like this that just favour the big end of town."