Disaster capitalism at its finest: Government decides to lift moratorium on onshore gas exploration


The Victorian Labor Government’s decision to lift the moratorium on onshore gas exploration is an appalling example of disaster capitalism.

While the state faces a pandemic, the Government has conveniently decided to announce more gas extraction in a decision that will have far-reaching implications for decades to come.

Onshore drilling for gas poses an unacceptable threat to Victoria’s farmland and communities, and will only exacerbate the climate crisis we are currently in.

Victorian Greens spokesperson for environment, Ellen Sandell, said the Government was using our attention on the pandemic to announce this dangerous and damaging legislation.

History should tell us that the intrusive onshore gas industry poses a major threat to our water, our farmland and our unique and fragile ecosystems.

In the face of dangerous climate change, it is completely criminal to continue supporting the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens spokesperson for environment, Ellen Sandell MP:

“It is truly appalling that the Victorian Labor Government is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by making this disastrous announcement in the middle of a pandemic. Opening up more drilling for gas is terrible for our farmers, environment and climate.

“What kind of future is Dan Andrews planning for us?”