Don't Ditch Our Dogs! Renters Rights Now!


Don't Ditch Our Dogs! Renters Rights Now!

Renters hold a protest outside Parliament to highlight the Premier's broken promise to introduce legislation to make renting fairer, including giving renters the right to have a pet.

During the 2017 Northcote by-election, Dan Andrews promised to introduce legislation to 'make renting fair'.

Media statement from Lidia Thorpe, Greens Spokesperson for Consumer Affairs and Member for Northcote:

"I'm a renter who was not given permission to keep my daughter's new puppy, so I had to send it away. Like so many others, we have been waiting for the new laws so we can be reunited with our dog, but Labor hasn't delivered.

"The Premier has broken his promise to renters of North​cote and the state. With only five sitting weeks left of parliament, any new legislation has very little chance of passing unless the Premier makes it his first priority.

"Any reforms to rental laws must give renters more rights and deliver on the promises made. If they are weakened, Labor will be hard-pressed to get the Greens' support. 

"Many people already think the laws have changed, and disputes between landlords and tenants over pets have increased as a result. 

"People love their cats and dogs, they are part of the family. One of the hardest thing for renters is not knowing if you can bring your pet with you when you move. Often its not permitted and people are forced to break the rule and hope they don't get caught.