Government must invest in second recycling plant and storage facility to solve the state crisis


In light of SKM’s decision to cease taking recyclable material, the Victorian Greens have called on the Government to set up a temporary storage site to avoid recyclables being dumped in landfill.

They have also called on the Government to invest in a second recycling plant, which, along with the new recycling plant in Somerton, would have the capacity to process all of Victoria’s plastic recycling.

According to exclusive PBO costing obtained by the Victorian Greens prior to the announced closure of SKM, the second plant would cost $52 million dollars to establish. It would also increase the state’s budgeted net position by $166.1 million over the next ten years.

Victorian Greens MP, Dr Tim Read, said the time for the Government to act is now.

To fight Victoria’s recycling and waste crisis, the Government must introduce a container refund scheme, mandate 70 per cent recyclable material targets for single-use PET plastic bottles, and invest in a second recycling facility.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens MP, Dr Tim Read:

“The State Government must act now to set up a temporary storage facility to prevent our recycling going to landfill, while they sort out this mess.

“We then need immediate investment in a second recycling facility using the unspent landfill levy to ensure that all of Victoria’s recyclables can be processed and not stockpiled or dumped in landfill. The revenue from this facility could go back into the Sustainability Fund for further investment.

“The Government also needs to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme. Labor and the Liberals have voted against our legislation time and time again and yet it’s one simple step that would significantly clean up our recycling and reduce stockpiling, which could be up and running by now.

“We also need to create a market for the recycled materials by mandating minimum recycled content in packaging, starting with 70 per cent recycled plastic in single-use PET bottles.

“Dan Andrews can end this crisis now, he just needs to prioritise our environment, our rivers, ocean and wildlife for once.“

Quotes attributable to Leader of the Victorian Greens, Samantha Ratnam MLC:

“The solutions to this crisis are clear, we just need the Government to show political leadership and fix this mess.

“Every day that the Victorian Labor Government fails to take serious action on our waste crisis, it continues to get worse.”