Government must work with residents as they undertake cladding crisis rectification works


Leader of the Victorian Greens, Samantha Ratnam MLC, and Greens Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP have welcomed news that the Government will fund rectification works for private buildings with flammable cladding, after more than a year of lobbying them for it.

The Victorian Greens first called for a Cladding Safety Fund in May last year and were the first party to call for a parliamentary inquiry into the crisis. Since then the Greens have called on the Government to take responsibility for the safety of the thousands of Victorians affected.

Leader of the Victorian Greens, Samantha Ratnam MLC, held a roundtable with affected owners and residents two months ago, where attendees unanimously called on the Government to fund rectification works rather than pushing the costs solely onto owners and residents.

Mr Bandt urged the state government to immediately begin replacement works and threatened that if governments across the country didn’t follow through with this fix, they risked having blood on their hands when the next building goes up in flame.

The State MP for Melbourne, Ellen Sandell, has also been advocating on behalf of residents for the government to take action on these issues since 2017.

Now that the Government has committed to funding these rectification works, they must also work alongside the affected communities every step of the way to ensure owners and residents are no longer left in the lurch.

Quotes attributable to leader of the Victorian Greens, Samantha Ratnam MLC:

“We’re glad that the Government has finally listened to us and will support affected owners and residents by funding rectification works.

“Over the past year we heard from so many people who were distressed and facing financial ruin because no-one was helping them, but thankfully this announcement will go a long way towards giving them the vital support they need.

“We hope that the Victorian Labor Government works with the affected communities throughout this process to give them peace of mind and to ensure their voices are heard every step of the way.

“No Victorian should be living in danger because of flammable cladding on their home. The affected owners and residents have worked tirelessly to elevate their concerns and we hope this important first step will grant them much-needed relief.”

Quotes attributable Greens Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt MP:

“I welcome the Andrews government adopting the Greens’ cladding policy and I urge them to begin funding the removal of this cladding immediately.

“This is a victory for all the residents who have pushed for action. This is what happens when people speak up and demand that governments act.

“The Greens were the first to call for the government to step in and fund the removal of this cladding and we’re pleased that it appears the government is adopting our policy.

“Once this cladding is removed, the government should pursue those responsible in court and implement a new levy on developers to recoup the costs.

“The federal government must now step up and help fund this essential work.

“If governments across the country don’t follow through and begin removing flammable cladding, they will have blood on their hands when the next building bursts into flame