Government undermines circular economy by allowing 85 per cent of Victoria's waste to be burned


The Andrews Government has announced that it will allow one million tonnes – or 85 per cent – of Victoria’s household waste to be incinerated each year, as part of a circular economy plan released today.

This is despite the fact that waste incineration creates new toxic waste streams and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Victorian Greens spokesperson for environment, Ellen Sandell, said that by backing waste incineration, the Government was completely undermining the rest of its plan to tackle the waste crisis.

Waste incineration will disincentivise Victorians and Councils to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens spokesperson for environment, Ellen Sandell MP:

”The Andrews Government wants to burn 85 per cent of Victoria’s waste and this totally undermines all their efforts to increase recycling.

“Local communities do not want big waste incinerators near their homes, creating toxic waste and emissions. Victorians want their waste recycled, not burned.”