Greens call time on Grand Prix


The Victorian Greens are calling on the state government to wave the chequered flag on the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The costs of staging the Grand Prix each year have increased from around $10 Million in 2003 to around $60 Million today and will cost Victorians another quarters of billion dollars by the end of its contract in 2023.

Despite numerous demands by state parliament the government refuses to release the Grand Prix contract or conduct an accurate count of the attendance.

Quotes from Sam Hibbins MP, Victorian Greens spokesperson for Major Events.

“The Grand Prix has had its day. Every year the state government sends millions of dollar down the drain while turning Albert Park into construction site for months.

“With so many pressing needs in our state, the massive expense & disruption can no longer be justified.

“It’s time to wave the chequered flag on the Grand Prix at Albert Park."