Greens propose bike superhighways for Victoria


The Victorian Greens have proposed a funding package for bike riding and walking that would see bike superhighways across Melbourne and regional cities across Victoria.

As part of their election platform the Greens have pledged $2.5 billion dollars over the next four years to implement a ‘Big Bike Build’ with hundreds of kilometres of safe and separated bike superhighways.

The funding would also go towards creating more safe pedestrian crossings, upgraded footpaths and walkable neighbourhoods. 

Transport is Victoria’s biggest growing source of carbon emissions yet the Victorian Government only allocates around 1 per cent of its transport infrastructure budget to bike riding and walking. 

The Greens’ plan would move Victoria towards the goal of active transport funding being 10 - 20 per cent of transport capital funding as recommended by the United Nations. 

As part of the power sharing government in Ireland, the Greens have increased active transport funding to 20 per cent, while in Scotland they have increased it to 10 per cent. 

A key priority in the Greens’ proposed funding package would be to complete the state’s first Bike Superhighway. This would be a 21-kilometre safe separated bike lane from Elsternwick to Coburg, travelling along some of Melbourne’s busiest and most dangerous routes, including St Kilda Road, Royal Parade, Flemington Road and Sydney Road.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens transport spokesperson, Sam Hibbins MP: 

“Increasing numbers of people are walking or riding around their local community and many more want to do so if they feel safe. 

“But the Victorian Government allocates only around 1% of its transport infrastructure budget to bike riding and walking.

“A big bike build and increased funding for footpaths, pedestrian crossings and walkable neighbourhoods will cut emissions, improve safety and make it easier for people to get around.”