Greens slam Liberals on religious instruction plan


Victorian Greens spokesperson for Education, Sue Pennicuik, has called out the Victorian Liberal Party for having its priorities skewed concerning religion in schools.

Shadow education minister, Tim Smith, has flagged the reintroduction of religious instruction in public schools if the Liberals are successful at the state election.

Special Religious Instruction (SRI) was changed from an opt out program to opt in after years of campaigning by parents and the Greens. It can now only be offered at lunchtime or after school if parents opt in.

Quotes attributable to Sue Pennicuik MP

“Our government schools should be secular and SRI should not be part of the curriculum. Children should not have to give up their lunchtime, a time for a break from formalities and to spend with friends, to attend religious instruction.

“The Victorian Liberal Party should be more concerned with schools in Victoria still being able to discriminate against teachers and students based on gender and sexuality.

“The Greens have moved in parliament to remove this discrimination from the act but Liberal and Labor both voted for it to continue.

“With  plans to scrap the Safe Schools program and now to reintroduce religious instruction in public schools, it’s clear the Victorian Liberal Party is lurching toward more outdated, conservative thinking.”