The Greens will build Metro 2, creating more frequent, direct services for Northcote electorate


As part of their 2018 election platform, The Greens have pledged $100 million to start planning for Melbourne Metro 2 which includes:

  • A rail tunnel from Clifton Hill to Newport, connecting to the South Morang/Mernda line at Clifton Hill
  • More services with high capacity signalling on the Werribee and Mernda lines
  • New stations in Fitzroy and Fisherman’s Bend
  • Rail Extensions to Wollert and Wyndham Vale

Melbourne Metro 2 is part of The Greens' long term plan to transform Melbourne's outdated train lines into a world class metro system, and planning must begin now to ensure the city's public transport keeps pace with population growth.

Quotes from Lidia Thorpe MP, Member of Parliament for Northcote:

Metro 2 will connect the South Morang, soon to be called Mernda, rail line with the city from Clifton Hill. It’s a more direct route with stops at North Fitzroy and Parkville.”

“This will be a huge benefit for residents in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. It will separate the Hurstbridge and the South Morang rail lines at Clifton Hill, so we can run more regular services on both lines and reduce overcrowding.”

“Melbourne Metro 2 is The Greens alternative to the old parties’ obsession with toll roads, and is essential to reduce congestion and protect Melbourne’s liveability with a growing population.

“No party can have any credibility on public transport unless they commit to planning for Melbourne Metro 2 now.

"The Greens will start planning for Melbourne Metro 2 now, so the benefits for commuters can be realised as soon as possible.

"Melbourne Metro 2 will increase services, cut overcrowding and deliver a reliable, high capacity metro system for commuters on both the Mernda and Hurstbridge rail lines."

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