Greens will establish a Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary Accommodation and Community House


In a national first, the Victorian Greens are launching an accommodation and community house for Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-binary (TGDNB) people in Melbourne, based in the Northcote electorate.

Trans, Gender Diverse and Nonbinary people experience higher rates of intimate partner and domestic violence than the general population, and often face discrimination and the risk of becoming further traumatised in existing crisis accommodation services that cater only for cisgender people.

We also know that due to discrimination, TGDNB people face unique barriers when accessing accommodation, healthcare, and other vital services, despite high levels of need for these services.

For example, people coming to Melbourne for gender reassignment surgery are often forced to couch-surf before and after the procedure, despite often needing medical aftercare, as well as crucial peer support.

This initiative would establish a dual-wing accommodation facility, providing five beds of crisis accommodation and five beds of outpatient accommodation for TGDNB people.

The facility would also provide a drop-in centre to connect TGDNB people to services, information, resources, and peer support, as well as the potential for healthcare providers to co-locate services tailored to the specific needs of the community.

Quotes attributable to Lidia Thorpe MP, State Member for Northcote

“Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-binary people face huge barriers to accessing crisis accommodation, healthcare and other vital services in this state. As the Member for an area with a significant population of TGDNB people, I’m proud to stand alongside community members calling for urgent investment to address this need.”

“This initiative will address a huge shortfall in crisis care for TGDNB people escaping intimate partner violence, as well as providing a base for this community to co-locate safe and tailored healthcare, support their peers and advocate in the wider community.”

“Too often, our health care, housing and other basic community services are not safe and welcoming spaces, especially for vulnerable for Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-binary people. This accommodation and community house will make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Quotes attributable to Tina Healy, Coordinator, Alphabet Soup:

"While 75 per cent of transgender women are going oversees for surgery, there is a lack of post-operative support services when they return here to Australia. This community centre will provide them with the support they need. 

"This will be a community centre run by trans for trans, there is no other centre in Australia like this."

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