The Victorian Greens say that while basic living standards are important, while unlimited rent rises and no grounds evictions are still legal, renters will continue to be too scared of losing their home to pursue their basic rights. 

The Greens first introduced a Bill into Parliament for minimum energy efficiency standards in rentals back in 2009.

While the Labor government seeks consultation on minimum heating and cooling standards, landlords will still be able to pass on costs of upgrades through unregulated price hikes, or kick a renter out for asking for minimum standards to be met. 

The Greens spokesperson for Renters’ Rights, Gabrielle de Vietri said that while this gross power imbalance between renters and landlords exists, renters will still be too scared to pursue their rights. 

Quotes attributable to Greens spokesperson for Renters Rights, Gabrielle de Vietri: 

“Captain Obvious recently turned up to the Labor party to let them know that renters probably shouldn't boil in summer or freeze in winter. 

“Renters desperately need better standards, but while landlords continue to have limitless powers to jack up rents and kick renters out of their homes for absolutely no reason, renters will be too scared to exercise their rights. 

“The rental crisis is breaking people - 82 per cent of renters are in housing stress. Many are just one rent increase away from eviction or homelessness. Labor can freeze rents now, and give renters the security they deserve - they’re just choosing not to.

“And until rent increases are illegal, we all know renters will be the ones footing the bill for insulation and air conditioning.”