Bendigo Street homeless protesters kicked out


Rather than evict a family to homelessness, the Andrews government must take serious action on public housing.

With the public housing waiting list standing at over 32,000 people, activists drawing attention to empty government-owned houses have been ordered to leave.

A family occupying a home acquired for the East West toll road had been waiting for four years for public housing before moving into this empty home.

“Victorians in need of housing are forced to wait up to 20 years for a home on the public housing waiting list, yet the government is showing more urgency in kicking out homelessness campaigners than fixing the problem,” Greens housing spokesperson Ellen Sandell said.

“Tomorrow’s budget will be a test of whether Labor is serious about public housing.

“Labor has found over a billion dollars for a toll road, yet they haven’t committed the funding required to make a dent in Victoria’s public housing crisis,” she said.

The Greens support the Bendigo St activists who are shining a light on the housing crisis.