Greens call on Victorian Government to fund pharmacotherapy prescribers


The Victorian Greens have called for state-funded pharmacotherapy prescribers, following reports a clinic in Frankston is about to close.

The medical clinic – which provides ten per cent of Victoria’s methadone services, supporting roughly 3,500 patients – is reportedly due to close in the coming weeks.

The Greens' calls for state-funded pharmacotherapy prescribers would support more Victorians to get their lives back in order without relapsing.

Victorian Greens drug harm reduction spokesperson, Aiv Puglielli, said that the closure of the Frankston clinic will have a devastating impact on the thousands of Victorians who rely on its support.

He added that when it came to drug harm reduction, Labor is asleep at the wheel, with numerous services recommended by experts remaining on ice or in limbo.

In recent weeks, the new Premier has remained tight-lipped on whether her Government would implement pill testing, despite years of evidence it helps save lives.

And despite being handed the Ken Lay report on a potential second safe-injecting room in Melbourne months ago, the new Premier has yet to release or respond to it.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens health services spokesperson, Dr Sarah Mansfield MLC:

“When people go onto opioid replacement therapy, they often stop using it because it’s too hard to access, and revert back to heroin.

“With this clinic closing, thousands of Victorians will soon be in strife.

“The Greens want urgent state funding for more pharmacotherapy prescribers and pharmacies, so Victorians can access treatment and support wherever they live.”

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens drug harm reduction spokesperson, Aiv Puglielli MLC:

“The new Premier’s patchwork approach to reducing harm from drugs is failing Victorians, be it testing pills, safe-injecting or broader pharmacotherapy.

“It’s clear the Labor Government simply doesn’t see the needs of people who use drugs as a priority.

“They can say it’s a Commonwealth matter, they can say what they like, but it’s Victorians who are paying the price.”