Greens condemn anti-Muslim protesters


The Victorian Greens condemn any extremist groups that will protest against Islam outside any of Victoria’s mosques this weekend as part of a global anti-Muslim campaign.

“Sadly there is still racism, bigotry and fear of difference that exists among some members of the Victorian community,” said Ms Nina Springle, who is the Victorian Greens’ spokesperson for multicultural affairs.

“It’s really a shame, because Victoria’s multiculturalism is such a success story.

“The Greens strongly condemn any group that incites people to protest outside mosques this weekend.

“We reject any and all fundamentalism, and we encourage anyone who might be tempted to join the protest action to instead find more constructive ways of participating in Victoria’s vibrant, multicultural community.

“Everyone, no matter what their religion or cultural background, has as much right to be here and to express their religion as anyone else.”