Greens to demand safeguards for renters as part of tax bill negotiations


The Victorian Greens have said they are prepared to meet with the Victorian Labor Government to discuss the budget’s tax measures, but that safeguards for renters must be a key part of budget bill negotiations.

There was nothing in this week’s budget for renters, despite the current rental crisis seeing many Victorians one rent rise away from eviction or homelessness.

The Greens say they are willing to work with the Government on any proposed tax legislation that comes before the Parliament, but that the Government can’t continue to ignore the worsening rental crisis.

Leader of the Victorian Greens, Samantha Ratnam, said the Government would likely require the support of the Greens to pass any tax reforms through the Upper House, and so it was important the Government worked with the Greens to get them right.

She added that the Greens would be pushing for greater support for renters as part of those negotiations, to make housing more affordable and provide relief for those doing it tough.

The Greens have been calling for a two-year rent freeze in Victoria, followed by a cap on rent increases.

Quotes attributable to Leader of the Victorian Greens, Samantha Ratnam MLC:

“This year the Greens have improved and passed key reforms in the Victorian Parliament, in our shared balance of power position in the Upper House.

“We’re ready to come to the table with the Government to discuss their proposed tax reforms, but it’s important that any negotiations include action on renters.

“Victoria is in a rental crisis, that for too long this Government has ignored. We’re going to keep pushing the Government to take the urgent action needed to support renters who are one rent rise away from eviction or homelessness.”

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens renters’ rights spokesperson, Gabrielle de Vietri MP:

“The rental crisis in Victoria is out-of-control. We’re seeing retired women sleeping in cars and families with school kids living in tents. 

“I’ve heard from renters that are struggling with rent hikes of $200 per week. 

“Time and time again Victorian Labor continues to turn its back on renters and in the meantime, the crisis is only getting worse.

“It’s clear from the budget that the Labor government has no plan for renters, and the best way we can protect renters from out-of-control rent rises is a rent freeze.

“Freezing rents would allow wages to catch up to the cost of rent, and provide urgent relief to those doing it tough.”