The Victorian Greens are introducing a new bill when parliament resumes that will put an end to Labor’s privatisation agenda. It comes after Births Death and Marriages became the latest addition in a growing list of state assets that the Victorian Labor Government have privatised.

The Greens ‘Protecting Public Assets and Services’ Bill will:

  • Give parliament the power to stop privatisations including Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Prevent the outsourcing of public services 

The Greens Treasury Spokesperson Sam Hibbins said that the current process allows the Victorian Labor Government to privatise and outsource government services and assets without the approval of parliament. 

He added that right now Labor is running a bigger privatisation agenda than Kennett, with all government agencies on the chopping block. 

Quotes attributable to Greens Treasury spokesperson Sam Hibbins: 

“We’re introducing this bill to put an end to Labor’s obsession with privatisation. 

“People are rightfully concerned to hear that Labor is promising the privatisation of Births, Deaths and Marriages, handing over sensitive information, to a private company. 

“Nothing is sacred to Labor. They are running a bigger privatisation agenda than Kennett with all government agencies on the chopping block, including plans to demolish and privatise all 44 public housing towers in Victoria as well privatise services like Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The government and ultimately the public are bankrolling private companies to extract profits for public services and assets.

“It will be people who will pay the price, with public services run for private profit instead of meeting the needs of all Victorians.”