Greens say Victoria should follow NSW's lead by banning offshore gas drilling


The Victorian Greens have called on the Victorian Labor Government to follow the lead of New South Wales and urgently ban offshore gas drilling in the state.

Overnight it was reported that the NSW Government would be introducing a new bill to ban offshore gas and mineral exploration projects in waters off the state’s coast.

Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens, Ellen Sandell, said gas was one of the leading causes of the climate crisis, yet Labor here in Victoria continued to back more.

She said the important move in NSW needed to act as a wake-up call for Labor to end new fossil fuel projects as a matter of urgency.

Quotes attributable to Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens, Ellen Sandell MP:

"The NSW government has seen sense and will ban offshore gas drilling, yet Labor here in Victoria is still supporting more gas drilling. 

“Gas drilling puts our oceans and wildlife at risk, and causes climate change, and it needs to be banned. 

“Labor should follow NSW’s lead and listen to coastal communities, Traditional Owners and the Greens who are all calling for a ban on offshore gas drilling in Victoria.”