Greens urge Victorian Labor not to give in to Frydenberg's pro-gas agenda at COAG tomorrow


Greens energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell says the Victorian Government needs to resist federal energy Minister Josh Frydenberg’s calls for the onshore gas drilling ban to be lifted in Victoria.

“Communities under threat from toxic fracking and gas drilling have spoken loud and clear; they don't want gas polluting their land and water. Yet Labor Minister Wade Noonan is delaying a crucial decision and we're worried he may give in to lobbying from the Liberals and the gas industry.” Ellen Sandell said.

“Josh Frydenberg has earned the nickname ‘Mr Coal’ for his love of fossil fuels. The Victorian Government shouldn’t be intimidated by his lobbying on behalf of the gas industry at COAG tomorrow.

“Victoria needs to move to renewable energy, not open up dirty new fossil fuel industries.

“The Greens stand with the farmers and regional communities who want toxic onshore gas banned permanently.

“Victorian Energy Minister Wade Noonan should come out today and announce a permanent ban on this toxic industry, not give in to lobbying from the Liberals and the gas industry,” she said.

COAG Energy Ministers from across the country are meeting tomorrow, and Frydenberg has urged states and territories to open up fracking and gas drilling across the country.