Greens welcome government adoption of another Green policy with plastic bag ban


Victorian Greens deputy leader Nina Springle has congratulated the government for falling into line and agreeing to ban plastic bags.

The Greens bill to ban plastic bags and microbeads will be debated and voted on in parliament's upper house today.

The government's last-minute announcement is an acknowledgement that they are feeling pressure to get serious on environmental issues.

The Greens will proceed with the debate and vote on their bill as it provides the best framework to transition away from all plastic bags and microbeads.

“It’s great to see the government adopting another Green policy,” Nina Springle said.

Dan Andrews is clearly feeling the pinch across the inner-city, so we look forward to more announcements about ending native forest logging and transitioning away from coal.

“Our bill provides Australia’s strongest framework to stop plastic pollution. The government should support our bill today and cut plastic pollution off at the source,” she said.