Ladies night at the dogs is offensive and cruel: Greens


The Greens say the Victorian government should stop pumping taxpayer money into the greyhound industry, which kills thousands of dogs each year.

The government’s latest hand-out is for the ‘Girls Night out at Cranbourne Greyhounds’, which they say aims to ‘attract more women to the track for a night of racing and entertainment’.

Local upper house Greens MP Nina Springle says the concept of ladies night is offensive, particularly given the entertainment on display is predicated on the mistreatment and death of thousands of greyhounds.

“The sport kills thousands of dogs every year,” Nina Springle said.

“Instead of pumping taxpayer funds into prehistoric concepts like ladies nights, the government should spend that money phasing out this cruel bloodsport.

“We want to see this money spent upgrading the Casey Fields football ground, which is manifestly inadequate for the women’s AFL matches it hosts.

“That’s a much better way to support women’s participation in sport,” she said.