'Spineless' Government must stand up to lobby and ban duck shooting once and for all


The Victorian Greens have said the Victorian Labor Government needs to grow a spine and stand up to the shooting lobby, following reports that this year’s duck shooting season will go ahead.

The Greens say until they do, our precious waterbirds will continue to be needlessly slaughtered.

This afternoon the Game Management Authority announced that the 2023 season will go ahead with fewer days, a restricted bag limit and bans on hunting a number of endangered species.

The Government has also announced it will establish an Upper House Select Committee to examine recreational native bird hunting in Victoria.

Victorian Greens animals spokesperson, Katherine Copsey, said it was outrageous that despite the vast majority of Victorians wanting an end to duck shooting, the Government had yet again decided to green light the season.

She said for this year’s season to go ahead in any capacity would be to guarantee the horrific deaths of thousands of waterbirds already under environmental stress.

She added that while she hoped the soon to be set up Committee would lead to a permanent ban, the Government shouldn’t need another inquiry to tell it that duck shooting has had its day.

Duck shooting has been banned in states like NSW, Queensland and Western Australia for decades.

Yet despite years-long calls for a ban in Victoria from the community, environmental advocates and the Greens, the Government has refused to follow suit.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens animals spokesperson, Katherine Copsey MLC:

“It’s extremely disappointing to see the Victorian Labor Government cave to pressure from the shooting lobby, again.

“We know Victoria is in the midst of an extinction crisis and we know thousands of waterbirds are already under extreme stress.

“So to green light this year’s season and send countless more ducks to slaughter for ‘sport’ is nothing short of inhumane.

“We need to end duck shooting once and for all, and recognise it for what it is: glorified animal cruelty.”