State budget fails the environment


Greens environment spokesperson Ellen Sandell says the budget has failed the environment, with over $2 billion allocated to roads and only a fraction for renewable energy.

"Climate change is the biggest threat facing Victoria and the world, yet this Government has no plan to phase out coal or stop logging our native forests," Ellen Sandell said.

"The Labor Government found $1.4 billion for a new toll road to line the pockets of Transurban, and a $2.9 billion surplus, but they can't seem to find more than a pittance for renewable energy.

"The $40 million transition fund for the Latrobe Valley is a win for the community and something the Greens have been calling for for years. However, in order to transition, we need a plan to move our energy system to renewables as soon as possible, and this is a plan that Labor doesn't have.

"The Government has found $3.4 million to promote hunting but hardly anything to protect endangered species or our environment. This shows priorities skewed towards promoting hunting and not protecting our environment.

"If we have a $2.9 billion surplus and can find $1.4 billion for a new toll road, why is there hardly any new money to build more public housing and solve homelessness in Victoria?" she said.