Stop the sell off of Markham Estate


Victorian Greens spokesperson for housing, Samantha Ratnam, has written to the Minister for Housing, Martin Foley, requesting a meeting to discuss the future of public and community housing in the state.

To date, the Andrews Government has failed to consult with the Greens on the housing renewal program - a program that is based on selling off public housing land to private developers.

The Victorian Greens will support the revocation of the planning scheme amendment for Markham Estate.

Quotes attributable to Samantha Ratnam.

“The Greens have supported the revocation of the planning scheme for Markham Estate once before, which prompted significant concessions from Labor. 

“This shows Labor is willing to alter its plans, but there are still major problems with this proposal and the renewal program.

“It will sell off prime public land to private developers, it does very little to tackle the waiting list for public housing, and there has been a lack of consultation with tenants about where they’ll go or if they’ll be able to return.

“At a time when we need more land to build public housing, we can’t sell off the limited space  we have.”

“Revoking this planning scheme amendment does not stop the renewal of public housing, and The Greens want to work with the Government to deliver safe, affordable housing for Victoria’s most vulnerable.”