The Victorian Greens have welcomed reports that Victoria's state-owned logging business, VicForests, is on the verge of being dismantled by the State government.

The Victorian Greens have long-called for the Andrew’s Labor Government to abolish VicForests, given its ongoing financial woes and litany of illegal and unethical activities.

Last month, a damning report by the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) found the beleaguered state business had conducted unlawful surveillance on several members of the public, who were all conducting legitimate opposition to actions of VicForests at the time.

Having for years labelled the Greens calls to shut-down the industry and Vicforests as “simplistic”, Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens, Ellen Sandell MP, said it was now crystal clear that even the Andrews Government had worked out that VicForests must play no role in forest management in the future.

Quotes attributable to Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens, Ellen Sandell MP:

“Vicforests has been found to repeatedly break the law, illegally log Victoria’s native forests, and spy on ordinary citizens. They should have been shut down years ago, so they must be shut down now.

“From now on, the government should focus on restoring Victoria’s native forests for their biodiversity, clean air and water, and carbon stores - this is a role for a new government organisation with a new culture, and VicForests must play no part in it”.