New homes in Victoria shouldn't be forced to connect to gas


The Victorian Greens have called on Minister Wynne to urgently update Victoria’s planning rules to stop new homes being forced to connect to gas.

Recent reports have suggested the gas industry is gearing up for a fight to entrench more gas use in the state, making it more important than ever for the Victorian Labor Government to transition away from the polluting fossil fuel.

Yet while the Government has a program to help low-income households replace old dangerous gas heaters, our state’s planning laws still require all new homes where gas is available to be hooked up to gas. 

This means that new housing developments that could be ‘all electric’ are being forced to install gas, even if they don’t want to.

During Question Time today, Deputy Greens Leader Ellen Sandell asked Minister Wynne if he would change the planning rules forcing new homes to be connected to gas, to which Minister Wynne disappointingly dismissed the concerns.

Burning gas is not only extremely expensive and a major cause of the climate crisis, but also bad for our respiratory health as well.

With the stroke of a pen the Victorian Labor Government could stand up to the gas industry and take another important stride towards ending our state’s reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

Quotes attributable to Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens, Ellen Sandell MP:   

"In the middle of a climate crisis it’s ridiculous that our planning laws force new homes in Victoria to be connected to gas, whether they like it or not.

“At a time when the gas industry is fighting tooth and nail to maintain its foothold in Victoria, our Government needs to be doing all it can to stand up to the fossil fuel lobby and get us off gas.

“With the stroke of a pen the Labor Minister could stop new homes in Victoria being forced to connect to gas and prevent the problem of then having to try and get them off expensive and dangerous gas in future. 

“Why are we forcing new homes in Victoria to be connected to gas when we know how expensive, polluting and unhealthy it is?