New Plan to Provide Free Public Transport to Students


The Greens have launched a new plan to make public transport free for school students.
Under the Greens plan, free public transport will be provided to all primary and secondary students in Victoria for travel on trains, trams and buses. This will reduce the impact of transport disadvantage and save families hundreds of dollars each year.
Student cards and school uniforms will be accepted as proof of entitlement to free student transport travel, eliminating the need for an extra cost of a Victorian Public Transport student concession card.
The Parliamentary Budget Office has costed the plan at $244 million over the forward estimates.
“We know students miss school days because their families simply can’t afford for them to travel,” Greens education spokesperson Sue Pennicuik said.
“Our plan will ensure that all students are able to get to school, regardless of their family circumstances,” she said.
“This will get more young people onto public transport, which means less traffic on the roads,” Victorian Greens transport spokesperson Sam Hibbins said.
“Making public transport accessible for everybody from a young age is one way to change Melbourne’s car-centric culture,” he said.