Public transport would be free for under 21s using 'Climate Ticket': Greens


The Victorian Greens have announced a new ‘Climate Ticket’ that would allow people to travel on public transport across Victoria for free or with significantly reduced fares to reduce carbon emissions and lower the cost-of-living.

The Greens’ Climate Ticket would be free for under 21s, $1 a day for concession card holders and $3 a day for adults. The ticket would be available as a monthly, quarterly or yearly ticket. 

Climate Tickets have been introduced in a number of areas across Europe and have resulted in reduced emissions, decreased car usage, fewer traffic jams and lowered cost-of- living at a time of high inflation. 

The Greens’ Climate Ticket could save:

  • A young person $1,794 a year
  • A school student $631 a year
  • A concession card holder $532 a year
  • An adult $699 a year

Transport is Victoria’s biggest growing source of carbon emissions, with polluting cars and trucks emitting carbon pollution equivalent to a coal-fired power station.

The Victorian Greens will push the next government to go further and faster in supporting people to make the switch to more climate friendly transport. 

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens transport spokesperson, Sam Hibbins MP:  

“Many young people struggle financially. They may be moving out of home, often working low-paying jobs and facing financial insecurity. 

“By introducing a Climate Ticket, the Greens will make public transport free for Victorians under 21 and significantly discounted for everyone else, to help lower the cost-of-living and tackle the climate crisis.

“The Greens’ Climate Ticket will be good for the climate and make public transport more affordable.

“People are struggling to keep their head above water because the cost of everything is going up, and wages have flatlined. The Greens’ Climate Ticket will help ease cost-of-living pressures by making public transport more affordable.”