Restoring equity to Victoria’s planning system


Media Release 30/08/2018

The Victorian Greens have pledged to transform the urban planning system as part of their 2018 election campaign.

Included are measures that will create more affordable and sustainable housing and rebalance a system that currently favours developers over community, such as:

  • Mandating that all new developments include portions of affordable housing (30 percent for 100+ dwellings, 20 percent for 15-100).

  • New mandatory height limits as well as minimum apartment sizes.

  • Protections for green wedges and the urban growth boundary.

  • Requiring a minimum of 8 star energy ratings for all new residential and commercial builds.

  • At least 50 percent of roof space dedicated to gardens or solar panels for apartment buildings above 5 storeys.

  • 20% open permeable space and canopy trees for activity centres to combat the urban heat island effect.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens leader and spokesperson for planning, Samantha Ratnam:

“For too long the urban planning system has been designed by and for big profitable developers. This has led to speculation and unaffordable, unsustainable housing.

“We can create active thriving streets and neighborhoods if we have the courage to change the planning rules.

“Successive state governments have overridden community concerns leaving many with little faith in the system.

“If we continue down the current path, we’ll lose the unique fabric of our communities to soulless, carbon carbon-copy apartment buildings that are both unaffordable and unsustainable.”

The Greens will mandate stronger controls, minimum environmental standards, minimum affordable housing requirements and improve the VCAT appeals process to support residents.

See link below for full initiative.

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