Scrapping the North East Link now would save over $14 billion dollars


Scrapping the North East Link now would save the Government over $14 billion dollars, according to an independent PBO costing obtained by the Victorian Greens.

Victorian Greens spokesperson for transport, Sam Hibbins, said the money should be invested into the state’s public transport network rather than a polluting and destructive mega toll road.

With contracts for the major works yet to be awarded, the Government still has time to change course and scrap the project altogether.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens spokesperson for transport, Sam Hibbins MP:

“Transport investment should prioritise getting cars off our roads and reducing carbon pollution. The North East Link does the exact opposite.

“As overcrowding and unreliability plague our public transport system, Government will need to invest tens of billions of dollars into public transport over the next decade.

“The Government should be using the billions of dollar earmarked for the North East Link to help create a world class metro rail system instead, as well as upgrading and expanding our tram and bus networks.

“Proceeding with this mega toll road is economic and environmental vandalism. It will put around a hundred thousand more cars on the road, destroy endangered species’ habitats and almost guarantee that the East West Link will go ahead.”