Separate bin could save over 100,000 tonnes of glass waste from landfill each year


The Victorian Greens have called on the Government to introduce separate glass bins in a bid to save the 107,500 tonnes of glass being sent to landfill annually.

An advisory report provided to the Greens by the PBO has revealed that more than 40 per cent of our glass ends up in landfill each year, largely due to contamination.

Victorian Greens spokesperson for environment, Ellen Sandell MP, said the establishment of separate bins for glass waste would reduce the risk of contamination and allow for a greater quantity of glass cullet to be recycled.

She also called on the Government to place greater emphasis on the value of glass fines, by mandating a minimum percentage to be used when creating new roads in Victoria.

In a submission to the Greens-established inquiry into Victoria’s waste crisis, glass container manufacturer O-I revealed that they made bottles using 39 per cent recycled glass, but could increase that figure dramatically if the glass was less contaminated.

Separate bins for glass waste would mark a drastic improvement to glass recycling by limiting the quantity being sent to landfill, which currently damages our environment and increases the risk of toxic fires.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens spokesperson for environment, Ellen Sandell MP:

“It’s outrageous that nearly half of all our glass waste isn’t recycled.

“New Zealand has separate glass-only bins for people’s homes, and it’s led to a huge increase in glass being recycled. The Victorian Labor Government should introduce the same thing here.

“Some councils are already taking the lead and using waste glass to make roads.

“The Victorian Labor Government is behind the 8-ball. They should require all roads across the state use a percentage of waste glass, to help solve the waste crisis.”