Constituent Question - Monster trucks on Eastern roads


MS DUNN — To ask the Minister for Agriculture (for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety): In marketing material provided at the drop-in sessions, the North East Link Authority has claimed that air quality would improve at Grimshaw Street once the North East Link is built because traffic would be flowing freely instead of idling, can the Minister please provide the traffic modelling and air quality modelling that supports this claim.


An air quality impact assessment will be undertaken to inform the Environment Effects Statement (EES) which will provide a detailed assessment of any potential air quality impacts. The traffic modelling will be a key input to the air quality impact assessment.

Reducing congestion and improving travel flows through the area will provide air quality benefits once the project is complete. Allowing new generation freight vehicles which can't currently use the Eastern Freeway also means fewer emissions and fewer trucks, compared with the fleet able to use the network today.