Vic Greens plan to transform Melbourne Metro


The Victorian Greens have announced the first step in transforming Melbourne's outdated train lines into a reliable, high capacity world class metro system.

The Greens plan includes rail extensions to Melton and Clyde, an interchange with South Yarra Station and station upgrades at South Kensington, Caulfield and South Yarra.

The extended Melbourne Metro is part of the Greens long term plan to transform Melbourne's outdated train lines into world class metro system to ensure the city's public transport keeps pace with population growth.

Quotes from Sam Hibbins MP, Victorian Greens Transport spokesperson.

"Melbourne's transport system is groaning under the weight of rapid population growth, our city needs world class public transport to cope.

"Our plan will deliver the benefits of the Melbourne Metro Rail project to as many people as possible, as soon as possible.

"The state government is putting Melbourne's liveability at risk by spending billions on new toll roads while having an inadequate rail plan without key rail extensions, interchanges and station upgrades.

"The Greens plan will increase services, cut overcrowding and deliver a reliable, high capacity metro system for commuters from the outer suburbs to the inner city."

See below for the detailed policy.