Statement from Victorian Greens Co-Convenors


Two proposals were put to Victorian Greens State Council on Saturday regarding transgender-exclusionary rhetoric. Contending views put forward by two members were circulated to members by the State Secretary and are now public.

These views are not consistent with Greens values or Greens policy, which states that erasure of a person’s gender identity can be offensive, hurtful and detrimental to their wellbeing. We want to assure you that our policy on trans rights is not under threat and that there is no move to change our policy. Transgender women are women. Transgender men are men. Non-binary gender identities exist and are valid. It is as simple as that.

We stand with our trans members and their right to feel safe and be supported in the Greens. As such, we look forward to addressing ways to improve inclusiveness across the party at a workshop in the near future, which will be organised and led by trans and gender diverse members.

We are incredibly proud of our policy and our track record as the strongest advocates for trans people in state and federal parliament. We will continue to advocate with and for trans and gender diverse people.

Colleen Hartland and Willisa Hogarth