Thousands of solar-powered buses to kickstart the clean transport revolution


The Victorian Greens will kick start the clean transport revolution by manufacturing thousands of solar powered, electric buses to create a high frequency bus network across Melbourne and regional cities.

The Greens will also legislate a Clean Transport Action Plan that will set targets for reducing emissions from transport and increasing the uptake of sustainable forms of transport. 

Transport is Victoria’s biggest growing source of emissions, producing around a quarter of Victoria’s carbon emissions, the equivalent of one of Victoria's coal fired power stations. 

To tackle the climate crisis Victoria needs to rapidly make the shift away from expensive, fossil fuel powered cars & trucks to cheaper climate-friendly transport including public transport, electric vehicles, bike riding and walking. 

But instead of supporting Victorians to make the shift to clean and affordable transport the Victorian Labor government is lagging behind other states. Under Labor Victoria will only have 78 electric buses by 2025 whilst NSW is racing ahead with plans for thousands of new electric buses by the end of the decade. 

Victorian Labor has also put a new tax on electric vehicles, making it harder for people to make the switch to EVs.

The Victorian Greens will:

  • Legislate a Clean Transport Action Plan for Victoria including set targets for emissions reduction and clean transport use. 
  • Manufacture 3,000 solar powered, electric buses to create a grid network of direct, high frequency bus routes across Melbourne and regional cities.
  • Upgrade and build new bus depots to power electric buses with solar energy

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens transport spokesperson, Sam Hibbins MP: 

“With transport emissions rising the Greens will push the next government to go further and faster in shifting to cleaner, climate friendly transport with thousands of solar powered electric buses.

“Victoria is lagging when it comes to making the switch to electric buses which have the potential to revolutionise Victoria’s bus networks. 

"Having long been the neglected part of Melbourne’s public transport system with long waits and indirect services, more electric buses will mean commuters can enjoy buses that are more frequent, quieter, and better for the environment."