Ahmed Elsayed

Candidate for Port Phillip City Council - Montague Ward

Hi, I'm Ahmed Elsayed

As a proud resident of this area, I am passionate about giving back to this community and bring over two decades of professional expertise in project management and community services. 

I am committed to championing environmental sustainability, fostering social equity and transparency in government. I will ensure that our community is adequately consulted through regular town hall meetings and forums, so we can work towards more equitable outcomes for all. 

Drawing from my background in technology solutions, particularly in water management, I recognise the urgent need for grassroots democracy, listening to the community and evidence-based policies.

The people of Port Phillip need affordable housing, accessible transport, improved cycling infrastructure and equitable economic development. Together, we can fight for climate action, preservation of nature, housing for all and support for marginalised communities. 

Your vote is powerful.