Alexandra Sangster

Candidate for Darebin City Council - South West Ward

Hi, I'm Alexandra

I’m a writer, actor, mother, and minister with the Uniting Church, and I’ve spent the last twenty years working with families in crisis, older folk, youth, refugees, and those experiencing homelessness, while also fostering interfaith dialogue. Currently, I work in homelessness and mental health. Everywhere I go, I see people yearning for a bigger, more inclusive story.

Small actions at the local level make a big difference. Here in Darebin, we are compassionate, progressive, and look out for each other—even when times are tough. Together, we can continue to support the most vulnerable in our community.

Your current Greens Councillors have achieved remarkable things in recent years: planting millions of trees, plants, shrubs, and grasses to restore bushland, support wildlife, and provide cooling during heat waves; making our streets safer by lowering speed limits; and doubling solar power in Darebin while helping over 2,000 low-income households reduce their power bills. 

With your support, I will ensure this vital work continues.

I am committed to advocating for public and affordable housing, caring for Merri Creek, and enhancing our local parks. I will also champion strong interfaith and intercultural connections, renew our community’s social fabric, and create spaces for artists to work from and perform. We need to protect and nurture our local shopping strips so that they continue to be community hubs where small businesses thrive. We need to find ways to increase employment opportunities so that all folk who want to engage in the workforce have an opportunity- no matter their age or ability.

We need urgent action on climate, and we must continue building inclusive communities. I am ready to work with you and for you, with everything I have. 

What we have here in Darebin is precious, let's work together to protect, empower and celebrate our strong and gloriously diverse community.