Angelica Panopoulos

State Candidate for Pascoe Vale

Hi, I'm Angelica


I am a local Councillor and have volunteered at Legal Aid. I am dedicated to standing up for our local community and demanding action, accountability, and transparency from the Government.

I am proud of our achievements in my time as a Councillor, and it has shown me how much more can be done at the state level to support the needs of the electorate, especially with the lack of transport infrastructure, rising cost of living and housing affordability becoming major issues for many locals and their families.

The Greens are also committed to pushing the Government to do more to tackle the climate crisis, by preserving and rejuvenating our green spaces and reducing our reliance on coal and gas, replacing it with 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Your vote is powerful, and with it we can create long-lasting change for our local community.