Dr. Jay Iwasaki

Candidate for Merri-bek City Council - Bulleke-Bek Ward

Hi, I'm Jay

I’m an educator, a native bee ecologist, and a proud Merri-bek local. I am running to represent our diverse community and be a voice for sustainability on the council.

Since getting my PhD, I've worked with native bees researching conservation and sustainable food production. I am committed to preserving our unique biodiversity and enhancing community resilience in the face of climate change. I want to use my skills to develop policies that increase our quality of life, expand green spaces and increase affordable housing.

Our community is becoming increasingly unaffordable and people are struggling. With Merri-bek transforming our industrial corridor along the Upfield Line, we have a once in a generation opportunity to promote sustainable development.

Together, let’s build a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive Merri-bek for all.

Your vote is powerful.