Edward Crossland

Deputy Mayor for Yarra City Council - Councillor for Melba ward

Hello, I'm Edward Crossland and I'm your councillor for Melba ward at the City of Yarra.

A long-term resident, I’m familiar with the area, our communities, and understand the range of challenges and opportunities that Yarra faces.

As a town planning, transport and urban design professional, I have over a decade of experience in local and state government work environments, with extensive experience in public policy and working with the community. I’m always eager to explore new ways of achieving progressive objectives, in a balanced and considered manner. Having also worked and studied in the creative industries, I see Yarra as one of the key creative areas of Melbourne.

I’m committed to working collaboratively with community, stakeholders, and Councillors to proactively support a robust local economy, improve housing options and affordability, and celebrate and support our diverse communities. I will strive to facilitate a more balanced approach to the planning of our public realm and built environment; to create better places for people. 

I’m ready to represent our diverse communities in how we approach the range of challenges and opportunities before us; to facilitate positive change, and keep Yarra cool, creative, weird and wonderful. 

I’d love to hear what’s important to you. If you’re a Yarra local, please be in touch.