Elena Pereyra

State Candidate for Footscray

Hi, I'm Elena

I am a proud local, an architect, and a community advocate for the people of Footscray. 

Many families in our area are struggling with the cost of living and housing unaffordability.  

We need smart investment into public housing to address the inequality in the region, and a genuine commitment to maintaining our green spaces for locals to enjoy, and our environment to flourish. 

We also need a government that is willing to consult locals on the large infrastructure projects that are impacting our way of life. With soil disposal and the urban infill projects affecting local amenities, the people of Footscray have had their concerns ignored. Meanwhile, more affluent areas disproportionately benefit from better infrastructure.

With your vote, the Greens can push for genuine solutions, meaningful action on the climate emergency, integrity in government, and ensure that our community can thrive.