Ellen Sandell

Photography by Julian Meehan

I love Melbourne and our shared commitment to diversity and fairness.

Growing up in country Victoria, it was impossible not to form a strong bond with our environment. 

I trained as a scientist, and have worked hard for social justice all my adult life.

I know how important it is to take action on climate change. Before becoming an MP, I was the CEO of a national climate change non-profit organisation.

Now I'm fighting for a clean economy and a more caring society in the Victorian Parliament. I'm the Greens Spokesperson for Climate, Energy and the Environment, Science and Innovation, and Treasury and Finance.

I'm passionate about bringing power back into public hands. Take a look at my announcement of the Greens' plan for a public energy retailer below:


Office of Ellen Sandell

146-148 Peel St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Phone: (03) 9328 4637

Email:  office@ellensandell.com

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Climate and Environment
National Parks
Climate Change
Resources, Science and Innovation
Parkville  Precinct
Treasury and  Finance
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Take Action

Get involved with Ellen Sandell's current campaigns.

Our State. Not For Sale.

The Victorian Labor Government are selling off important public assets, just like former Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett did.

Save Fed Square

Federation Square should be a cultural, artistic and public meeting space -- not one dominated by a single multinational corporation

Stop The West Gate Toll Road

We all want a clean and livable city. The West Gate Toll Road will entrench car and truck use for decades, contributing to pollution and congestion


Budget an opportunity to learn the mistakes of past privatisation

10 April, 2018 - The Victorian Greens are calling on Labor to learn from past mistakes and stop outsourcing key government functions in their submission for the...

Greens force rethink of public housing privatisation

17 November, 2017 - The Greens have forced a rethink of the government's plan to privatise public housing estates, supporting the revocation of a planning schem...

Victoria needs an emissions trading scheme

8 December, 2016 - Victoria should work with the Eastern states to develop an emissions trading scheme, like former Premiers Bracks, Beattie and Carr did in 200...

Solar customers to lose out under Labor and Liberal plans

23 November, 2016 - Greens energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell says solar customers are set for higher power bills, regardless of whether the Victorian Government...

Greens urge Victorian Labor not to give in to Frydenberg's pro-gas agenda at COAG tomorrow

18 August, 2016 - Greens energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell says the Victorian Government needs to resist federal energy Minister Josh Frydenberg’s calls for the...

Climate targets push action into the distant future

9 June, 2016 - Greens environment spokesperson Ellen Sandell says the Government’s climate change targets push action off into the distant future and aren’t bac...

Gas moratorium non-decision is a cop-out

7 June, 2016 - Greens energy spokesperson Ellen Sandell says the Victorian Government's decision to delay a decision about onshore gas drilling is a cop-out."Co...

State budget fails the environment

28 April, 2016 - Greens environment spokesperson Ellen Sandell says the budget has failed the environment, with over $2 billion allocated to roads and only a fr...

Bendigo Street homeless protesters kicked out

26 April, 2016 - Rather than evict a family to homelessness, the Andrews government must take serious action on public housing. With the public housing waiting ...